Out of Town Patients

If you’re coming in from out of town for treatments at Coolspa, we are glad to welcome you to Manhattan!

Dr. Rapaport founded Coolspa in 2010 as part of his mission to provide expert non-surgical body sculpting procedures for the skin, face, and body. Coolspa has helped hundreds of clients achieve their ideal body shape from all across the globe, including Europe, Australia, Africa, Canada, Mexico, the Middle East, and Asia.

Thanks to our friendly patient coordinators, you will find that scheduling a visit with Coolspa is a breeze. They are well equipped to assist you with your special scheduling needs, finding the right hotel, or even helping you to hire private care nurses or assistants as needed.

If you plan to spend a few days in New York for your treatment, we would be delighted to provide you with recommendations for restaurants, entertainment, sightseeing, local parks, landmarks, and various attractions unique to this amazing city. Our practice has two state-of-the-art locations on 5th Avenue.

For Out of Town Patients NYC & Manhattan

Virtual Consultations for Out of Town Patients

Virtual Coolspa consultations are available at this time for out-of-town patients. To schedule an appointment, you would first need to describe your interests and desired procedure(s) over the phone or through email. Be sure to include the dates you have in mind for your treatment and how long you plan to remain in New York City. Our patient coordinators can let you know the treatment timeline for each procedure so you can adequately prepare.

Your Coolspa provider will need photographs of your targeted areas. These should be taken during the daytime with proper lighting. It is also useful to photograph yourself from various angles so as to create a 3D effect. You can email these to the office or send them via secure mail. Once your photos have been reviewed, we will be ready to conduct your consultation via telephone or Skype.