What Does Sclerotherapy Do?

Sclerotherapy is a treatment for unwanted spider and reticular veins that improves their appearance over time. An irritant is injected into the targeted veins, causing them to collapse and be absorbed into the body.

What Can Sclerotherapy Treat?

  • Spider veins of the calves,
  • thighs, and behind the knees
  • Reticular veins (bulging superficial blue veins of the legs)

Why Sclerotherapy?

  • Long-term results
  • Safe and effective
  • High-success rate
  • Minimal downtime
  • Typically a 30-60 minute in-and-out procedure

Every second, our veins perform a series of complex tasks in order to circulate our blood throughout our bodies and to the heart. The vascular system is under constant pressure to keep the blood flowing efficiently. When the system malfunctions, blood can pool in the veins and cause them to stretch and twist, leading to an appearance that is visible through the skin. 

Sclerotherapy can treat spider veins and reticular veins (small varicose veins). Reticular veins are bulging blue veins that are cord-like in appearance. They are found most frequently on the legs. Spider veins are smaller, red veins that appear closer to the skin’s surface. As their name implies, they look similar to a network of spider webs. 

You may have spider veins, you may have reticular veins, or you may have a combination of both. Having a family history of varicose veins or spider veins may predispose you to them, and they typically worsen over time. Fortunately, sclerotherapy can bring an end to the discomfort and insecurity caused by these veins. 

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Learn More About Sclerotherapy

Sclerotherapy involves injecting minute amounts of a chemical irritant into the targeted veins. This causes the veins to clot off, scar, and eventually fade over time. Once the blood is rerouted through the area, you will likely see a visible difference within a few weeks. Our approach will depend on how big the affected area is and how many veins we need to treat.

Many factors can cause spider and reticular veins, including


You may be more predisposed to varicose veins if someone in your family has had them or currently has them. 


As you age, your vein walls start to weaken. This makes it easier for varicose/spider veins to develop. 


Varicose veins are more common in women than they are in men. Certain factors like menopause, pregnancy, and other hormonal influences play a role in the veins’ development. 

Prolonged Standing or Sitting

When standing or sitting with legs bent or crossed, the veins have a greater tendency to engorge, stretch, and bulge.

A good candidate for sclerotherapy will be a healthy adult who experiences reticular veins and/or spider veins. It is not a suitable treatment option for large varicose veins. We advise pregnant women and those who deal with blood clot disorders not to undergo sclerotherapy. 

During sclerotherapy treatment, you will be reclined with your legs elevated. Your Coolspa provider will cleanse the area with alcohol and inject the solution into your vein(s). You may feel a tingle or a sting as the solution is injected. The area will most likely be slightly sore for a few days after treatment. Treatments take anywhere from 10 to 45 minutes, depending on the number and complexity of the veins.

Because it is often not possible to eliminate all targeted veins in one session, and also because new problem veins tend to appear over time, patients should expect to undergo more than one treatment session. Your Coolspa provider can give you a realistic expectation in terms of your expected treatment needs at the time of your consultation.

The benefits of sclerotherapy include:

  • Long-term results that are visible within a month
  • Effective on men and women 
  • High success rate
  • Improved confidence

Most patients can expect some bruising, swelling, and low-level discomfort. We encourage walking for at least 15-20 minutes immediately after treatment. Wearing compression stockings or support hoses will also help blood circulate. 

Anything that might further irritate the area, like taking a hot bath or sunbathing, should be avoided for at least two to three days. We ask patients to return to our office for evaluation in nine to ten days to ensure they are healing well and for the possibility of promoting a more rapid resolution of bruising.

Coolspa has been proudly serving New York City’s Manhattan area since 2010. From the beginning, the team at Coolspa has been dedicated to bringing the best cosmetic advancements to the Big Apple. 

Each sclerotherapy treatment plan at Coolspa is customized to your unique needs and aesthetic goals, and we make sure to reduce unnecessary visits as much as possible. We offer our patients knowledgeable information, privacy, and individualized care to ensure the best possible treatment experience and subsequent results. 

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