What Does SmartGraft® Do?

SmartGraft® is a type of F.U.E. (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplant that’s minimally invasive and offers permanent hair restoration.

What Can SmartGraft® Treat?

  • Balding Hair loss in men and women
  • Receding hairline
  • Loss of hair density and volume
  • Scarce eyebrows

Why SmartGraft®?

  • Permanent hair restoration
  • Natural-looking results
  • Minimal downtime
  • Minimal scarring

Hair loss can affect people of all ages and genders. While vitamins and topical treatments might help minor hair thinning, many people struggle with significant hair loss and balding that doesn’t respond to these solutions. You can restore fuller, healthier hair growth with a minimally invasive SmartGraft® hair transplant. This effective form of hair restoration transforms your scalp and confidence. 

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Learn More About SmartGraft®

SmartGraft® is a minimally invasive method of permanent hair restoration. Developed by medical professionals, it offers the benefit of long-lasting, natural-looking results. SmartGraft® is an advanced hair transplant system that allows your team to perform hair restoration quickly and safely. For patients seeking advanced hair loss therapy, we may recommend PRP injections with Supershot exosome therapy as a stand-alone treatment or in addition to a SmartGraft® procedure. 

Hair transplants like SmartGraft® are ideal for those who prefer a long-term solution to their hair loss. This advanced technology allows most people to return to work within a day or two with results that look and feel natural.

The transplanted follicles will go through their natural phases of hair growth, starting to produce new growth after about three months. Most people begin to see noticeable improvements within six months and full results within about a year.

A consultation with your Coolspa team will help determine whether SmartGraft® is the right choice for you. We offer multiple other hair restoration options, which may be better for some patients. 

The SmartGraft® procedure takes place in a comfortable private room at our NYC office. Your team will review your procedure details and expectations during and after your procedure. Most people can have a mild sedative if needed for relaxation, although we offer a full range of options to keep you comfortable throughout the process. 

The procedure begins with your provider shaving an area on the back of your head where most people still have healthy hair growth. They will inject a local anesthetic into the area where follicles will be implanted so you won’t feel any pain. They will then use the SmartGraft® device to extract grafts from the donor area on the back of the head. This advanced technique can collect, sort, count, and store each graft under ideal conditions to improve survival and healthy growth. The SmartGraft® technology provides more healthy, growing hairs than traditional transplant methods.

Your Coolspa provider will create tiny openings in your anesthetized scalp to place the grafts. Each graft is strategically placed to follow your hair’s growth pattern for natural-looking results, carefully considering the angle, density, and other aspects of hair placement. The skill involved in this step determines how natural your final results will look.

Patients can usually return to work within 1-3 days of a SmartGraft® procedure. You will have few activity limitations and can expect to resume exercise within a week or two. We’ll give you instructions on aftercare and washing your hair.

The micrografts used in SmartGraft® require tiny incisions with minimal scarring that is not typically visible at all. Traditional procedures typically remove a large strip of the scalp to harvest the follicles. This incision requires stitches and often leaves a visible scar. SmartGraft® is an excellent choice for those who want fuller, thicker hair and the option to confidently wear any style without worrying about visible scars.

Benefits of SmartGraft® hair restoration include:

  • Effective treatment for hair thinning, hair loss, and male pattern baldness
  • Long-lasting results
  • Natural-looking results that mimic your hair growth pattern
  • Less downtime than traditional transplant methods
  • Little to no visible scarring once healed
  • Full results within one year

There are several causes of hair loss. Up to a third of all men and women experience hair loss. While many associate hair loss with aging, many young people struggle with this condition. The most common cause of hair loss in men, male pattern baldness, causes follicles to become less active and produce less hair. Most men with this condition experience hair loss around the hairline and the top of the scalp.

Many conditions can also trigger hair loss in women. These causes may be medical, hormonal, nutritional, or stress-related. Problems with thyroid hormone levels, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), and alopecia areata (an autoimmune attack on hair follicles) can cause hair loss in women. Many women experience temporary hair loss related to pregnancy and childbirth.

Our hair loss experts at Coolspa recommend testing to determine the underlying causes of hair loss. Sometimes, your hair will grow back after the underlying problem is treated. In other cases, SmartGraft® offers an effective way to restore thinning or lost hair on the scalp or hairline. Most people with hair loss make good candidates for SmartGraft®. It is also an excellent option for those who have had a strip procedure and need to hide the resulting scar, prefer short hairstyles, or do not have room for recovery time.

When it comes to hair transplantation, using cutting-edge technology helps minimize the scarring and recovery while maximizing the results. Still, a quality outcome ultimately depends on the skill of your provider. That’s why Coolspa employs the most advanced technology and experienced, knowledgeable professionals to perform this procedure. 

Our team uses a thorough consultation and scalp analysis process and customized hair restoration plan to ensure the best results for every patient. We don’t just look at your hair to determine your candidacy and ideal treatment. By considering your overall health, medical history, hair loss cause, lifestyle, and goals, we will create a plan perfectly tailored to your needs.

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Your Coolspa journey begins with a private, one-on-one consultation with one of our body contouring specialists, who will deliver a detailed, customized treatment plan that addresses all of your areas of concern. Our specialists pride themselves on carefully listening to the goals and wishes of each client, and we prize communication among our practice’s most cherished assets. 

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