BodyTite is one of the most unique minimally-invasive body contouring procedures for men who want to achieve a well-sculpted and chiseled look without evident scars or downtime. BodyTite uses a patented and cutting-edge technology that simultaneously destroys unwanted fat cells in specific regions and tightens the skin tissues.

You can get rid of those pesky fat pockets that refuse to leave your body despite your best results while gaining a taut and firm body. Before BodyTite came along, you could only achieve such stellar results with surgical procedures, like an abdominoplasty. BodyTite results look completely natural, so there’s no risk of people finding out you’ve had work done.

BodyTite Benefits for Men

  • Minimally invasive procedure with practically invisible micro-incisions
  • No obvious signs of cosmetic manipulation
  • Removes unwanted fat pockets from the thighs, buttocks, stomach, and other regions
  • Tightens and strengthens the abs, thighs, and other regions with skin laxity
  • Gives you a sculpted and chiseled look in a single session
  • Activates your body’s natural collagen production and healing responses
  • Treats male gynecomastia to help you achieve tightened chest muscles

How BodyTite Works

The BodyTite device has a probe that slides under the skin’s surface, opposite to a receptor that moves over the surface. As bipolar radiofrequency passes between the two ends of the device, it contracts the skin tissues while damaging the underlying adipose tissues. The coagulated fat cells eventually get metabolized and expelled by your body, giving you a lean and sculpted figure.

BodyTite provides contouring benefits through a process called radiofrequency-assisted lipolysis (RAFL), i.e., radiofrequency energy is used to destroy the unwanted fat cells. Besides killing the fat cells, it also tightens the fascia connective tissues beneath the skin’s surface. The procedure can also be combined with liposuction to instantly remove the destroyed fat cells, producing instant results.

Areas Treated by BodyTite

BodyTite can be used on any part of the body with unwanted pockets of fat cells or excessive skin laxity. Smaller regions, such as the neck, jowls, and jawline, must be treated with FaceTite instead. Men usually use BodyTite to address the following areas:

  • Arms
  • Abdomen
  • Thighs
  • Knees
  • Buttocks

Safe and Painless

BodyTite is a completely safe procedure, as clearly determined by over 22 peer-reviewed clinical publications. Patients experience mild to moderate post-treatment soreness, but the side-effects dissipate in a few days.

Body Contouring with Radiofrequency-Assisted Liposuction

If you’re getting a BodyTite procedure, you might as well combine it with traditional liposuction. The doctor will create a tiny incision for the BodyTite handpiece, so that incision can also be used to remove your fat cells via liposuction. After the fat cells are removed, the BodyTite device can tighten the skin tissues to prevent post-liposuction laxity. This combination is especially suitable for men who want immediate (not gradual) results.

How Soon Will I Recover from BodyTite?

BodyTite is a simple procedure performed under local anesthesia and light incision. The treatment concludes in 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the treatment areas, and involves a social downtime of 2 to 3 days. You can get the procedure on a Friday and return to work on Monday without anyone realizing you’ve had work done.

You’ll have to wear a compression garment under your clothes for around 6 weeks to ensure optimal results — but the garment is skin-tight and discreet.

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