Adipose Stem Cell Banking

Curious about Stem Cell Banking? If you are about to have a liposuction procedure or other fat-based body contouring procedure, then you could get even more out of your procedure. Adipose tissue (or fat) contains valuable stem cells and should not be thrown away. Your stem cells replenish and support your blood, bone, immune system and other vital tissues and body systems. This is an amazing opportunity where you can actually freeze your young stem cells for use in future therapies.

Once your procedure is complete, instead of your young stem cells being thrown away, Forever Labs will freeze your young stem cells and these can be used at a later time with different treatments. These cells will be cryogenically stored in an FDA compliant clinical-grade biorepository. You will have access to these stem cells at any time for use in advanced treatments for rejuvenation or age related conditions.

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